The Human Connection: "Reportero": Journalists at Risk in Mexico
January 9, 2013

International News Safety Institute
Interview with Director Bernardo Ruiz
January 8, 2013

NPR "Tell Me More"
"Mexican Reporters Take On Cartels Despite Risks"
January 7, 2013

KCET / Mexicali Rose
"Dispatches From the Border Reporters: The Story of Sergio Haro, 'Zeta Weekly' and the Documentary Film 'Reportero'"
January 7, 2013

"The Takeaway"
"Reportero Tells the Story of Journalists Who Risk Their Lives in Mexico"
January 7, 2013

POV: Reportero
January 7, 2013

Fox News Latino
"Documentary ' Reportero' Brings the Dangers of Journalism in Mexico to Light"
January 6, 2013

Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
"Behind the scenes of Reportero, a film on the journalists of investigative Mexican weekly Zeta"
January 4, 2013

Filmmaker Magazine
"POV @ 25: Pamela Yates & Bernardo Ruiz on Beginnings and Engagement Campaigns"
January 4, 2012

Studio SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists)
Interview with Director Bernardo Ruiz
January 4, 2013

Texas Public Radio
PBS Documentary: Covering The Mexican Drug War
January 3, 2013

United Academics 
Review of Reportero: "Reportero reaffirms the potency of documentary both as an art form and as a powerful medium for illuminating the oft-unseen implications of conflict."
December 2012

Latino Public Broadcasting
Q&A with Director Bernardo Ruiz
December 13, 2012

Documentary Magazine
Reportero: Independent Journalism South of the Border
Winter 2013

Interview with Director Bernardo Ruiz at IDFA
November 24, 2012

United Academics Journal
"Reportero reaffirms the potency of documentary both as an art form and as a powerful medium for illuminating the often-unseen implications of conflict."
November 5, 2012

RadioCinema (Italian)
Review of Reportero
November 2, 2012

Mexicalia (Italian)
Review of Reportero
October 6, 2012

Social Impact Documentaries: Reportero
September 10, 2012

"Zeta: Free Speech in an Era of Repression"
Fall 2012

Chicago Sun-Times
Reportero: Los Angeles Film Festival 2012 Review
July 22, 2012

Documentary Channel
Director Bernardo Ruiz on Reportero
July 26, 2012

North American Cogress on Latin America (NACLA)
Reportero: An Interview with Sergio Haro
July 17, 2012

Sampsonia Way Interview
“In Mexico, they kill you twice”: Interview with filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz
July 13, 2012

Future Journalism Project
Director Bernardo Ruiz on Violence Against Journalists in Mexico
July 2, 2012

Film Review of Reportero
June 25, 2012

Bernardo Ruiz, Director of Reportero, on The Leonard Lopate Show
June 21, 2012

Yahoo! News
L.A. Film Fest Review: Reportero a "cohesive wakeup call for the world of the importance of freedom of speech in the news-gathering business"
June 20, 2012

A poignant 'Reportero'
June 19, 2012

Review of Reportero
June 18, 2012

The New York Times
The Heroes of Reportero 
June 14, 2012

89.3 KPCC Public Radio
Interview with Bernardo Ruiz, Director of Reportero
June 14, 2012

The Brooklyn Rail
"Docs in Sight: Blood and Silence on La Frontera": Interview with Bernardo Ruiz, Director of Reportero 
June 14, 2012
NBC Latino
Reportero: Rescuing memory and revealing the human side of violence and journalism in Mexico 
June 14, 2012

SLANT Magazine 
Review: Reportero "reveals the deep-seeded memories of regret haunting those attempting to salvage freedom of speech on the front lines"
June 12, 2012

Film Reportero documents drug war related press killings in Mexico
Radio Interview with Bernardo Ruiz
May 25, 2012

Sampsonia Way Magazine
An Interview with Bernardo Ruiz, Director of Reportero
March 27, 2012

Reportero Film Highlights Dangers for Journalists in Mexico
March 16, 2012

UT-San Diego Union Tribune
Baja journalist profiled in documentary Reportero
March 16, 2012

Univision News
Bernardo Ruiz's documentary, Reportero highlights dangers and obstacles faced by Mexican Journalists
February 21, 2012

Vice Mexico
Reportero: Historias del Semanario Zeta
February, 2012

The New York Times
In the Crossfire of the Mexican War on Drugs
January 13, 2012






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